February 2005

Dear Curt,

You have done so much for us and our kids to make sure we live in a safe and clean house. Thank you for all of your advice, your honesty and your promptness in getting back to us. More importantly, thank you for a clean home. Thank you again

Phyllis and Darth Ruman
Huntley, Illinois

July 2003

Dear Curt,

Our experience with you and Mold Inspection Specialists was nothing short of amazing. Any time you're dealing with a crisis-like situation, you look for people who are professional, responsive and trustworthy. We would give you an A+ grade on each of these qualities.

Our home was infested with toxic mold and we have three small children. You quickly diagnosed the problems and gave us smart advice on how to proceed. Also, you did it in a way that made us feel calm and confident at a time when our stress levels were quite high. While we hope we never require your services again, we have recommended your company to a number of other people. We have all the confidence in the world in you!

Sheri and Stan Weiner
Chicago, Illinois

November 2004

To whom it may concern:

We have used Mold Inspection Specialists to perform inspection and testing relating to mold on several projects. In each instance, they have provided us with prompt and courteous service. Their extensive knowledge and experience in the area makes their service of great value.

Kami Farahmandpour
Building Technology Consultants, PC
Arlington Heights, Illinois

August 2004

Quality - Efficiency & Integrity. Curt Mankoff and company encompass all that as well as a professional level of knowledge and expertise.

When my family and I suddenly, unexpectedly discovered mold in the midst of a construction project, Curt was recommended as a mold specialist.

His honesty coupled with up-to-date information on the subject really impressed us. Curt's confident yet easy going demeanor eased our fears and doubts. Mr. Mankoff patiently guided us knowledgeably through each step until completion.

Post-project questions are satisfactorily answered by Curt on a timely basis. In a society where quality is often below par, Mr. Mankoff's efficiency, availability and vast knowledge are a breath of fresh air. Curt is a gem!

Carla Basso
Chicago, Illinois

December 2004

Curt's extensive experience as a mold Industrial Hygienist and straight forward professional advice is exactly what anyone needs when facing a potential mold issue. I highly recommend his services to anyone. Thank you.

Mark Wilmot
Westmont, Illinois

September 2005

Dear Curt:

Just a note to let you know how much everyone at Duraclean International appreciates working with Mold Inspection Specialists on so many successful projects. Your concise and detailed mold remediation plans allow things to move ahead smoothly in a timely manner. Your response to customers' needs, even on weekends, often allows us to complete our projects ahead of schedule.

Since that first job early in 2001, we have completed nearly 200 projects throughout the Midwest and along the East Coast from Florida to New York! Working with Realtors, attorneys, architects, insurance companies, condo boards, home inspectors, store owners, management companies and hotels; we have met the needs of our customers.

Curt, I look forward to working with you and Mold Inspection Specialists for many years to come.

Wil Gage
Executive Vice President
Duraclean International

April 2005

Dear Reader,

We purchased a home knowing that it had a mold issue, but we did not know the full extent. We were not exactly sure how to begin so I began my education on the web.

I discovered that I needed an Industrial Hygienist to map out the project. I left a message for Curt Mankoff. My call was promptly returned. Curt was very clear in his explanations. He discussed the project in easy to understand terminology. He answered all my questions and helped to calm my family's concerns for our new home. Curt Clearly explained his fee schedule - there were no surprises. We scheduled an appointment for an initial evaluation and the process began.

Curt came to our home, assessed the mold situation and took air samples. Throughout the experience, Curt responded to my questions and concerns quickly and professionally.

I would highly recommend Curt Mankoff of Mold Inspection Specialists as an industrial Hygienist to lead a mold remediation project. We are satisfied with the service he provided and pleased with the way we were treated. We now feel comfortable moving our family into our home.

Jill Mobar
Wilmington, Illinois


January 2007

Hello Curt,

Happy New Year! We hope your Christmas was great! Wanted to take a minute to say hi and update you on our house. We still have heard nothing from the builder or our attorney for that matter......But, these things move very slowly. However....You were so right! The cold weather was exactly what the mold needed to start spreading.....it is growing so fast. I had no idea it could spread that quickly. Every single wall in the basement, except the two bordering the garage, is wet and icy and covered in black, white and green mold. There was really very little when you saw it before, but it is everywhere now. Eileen’s room is getting it bad. Water is pooling in the space between the 1st and second floors and white fuzzy mold is growing from the sheathing to the framing. There wasn't any mold in the areas where you had cut into the wall before, but now it's all wet and icy and growing, too. There's also mold in the other kid’s bedrooms now and there wasn't anything before. If you would like, I will email you pictures.......It's pretty unbelievable. I really didn't realize it could move this quickly. We may ask you to come back out to officially document it.....We aren't sure if we need to or not and we are waiting to here from the attorney.

Anyway, we hope all is going well for you and we look forward to having you out to inspect our "new" house someday soon!....Let me know if you want me to send you pics!....Take care....and thank you for everything!

Linda Stolworth

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